1. How Do I Post My Event?

Click here to post your event. This page will walk you through the next steps, but if you get stuck, send us a message! We’re happy to help.

2. What if I can’t find the right category for my event?

We can add new categories at any time! Send us a message with your request.

3.  How can I upload a photo for my post?

You can upload a photo on the submission page. If you don’t have a photo, send us a message! We’re happy to load one for you.

5. Who can I ask for help posting my event?

Send us a message including your event name, location, date, start time, contact information and any other relevant information, and we’ll post it for you!

6. How can I edit my event?

Send us a message to edit it on your behalf. Be sure to include specifics regarding your edit request.

When you’re done making changes, be sure to click the “SUBMIT EVENT” button to save your changes at the bottom of your screen.

7. My event was listed in error. How can I remove it?

Send us a message.

8. I didn’t post my event — how did it get here?

We often search for events and post them on My Gaithersburg-Germantown Local to help the community know about events in their area. If you want to remove your event, send us a message.

9. Does it cost money to post our events on My Gaithersburg-Germantown Local?

Posting your events on My Gaithersburg-Germantown Local is Free. Thank you for letting us share your event with members of our community.