By Hannah Wallace@Hannahmw23 Inc Magazine  Photo Credit Celyn Brazier

Turns out, there’s lots of money to be made by servicing the companies that are growing and selling legal weed.

Marijuana has had a shady past, but it’s on the cusp of having a very conventional future. In 2017, U.S. consumers spent $8.5 billion on legal cannabis, a number projected to grow to $23.4 billion by 2022. With that growth has emerged an entire ecosystem of startups that support the less sexy side of cannabis. Not the luxury dispensaries or rose-hued vape-pen companies, but the infrastructure that keeps them going–from software systems to package-design firms. As legalization continues to spread–it’s now permitted in 31 states, Washington, D.C., Guam, and Puerto Rico–so will the B2B industry solving cannabis’s thorny challenges.